Swap places at inconvenient moments and torment your friends for funsies in the four player fighting game where you can’t fight!

In the Underworld, the only way to light the darkness is by harnessing “torment energy” created from deadly pranks and mischief. But smashing your daily torment quota is easy when your best friends have got your back. With your besties in tow, some bump’n bops, and a wonderland of infernal torment devices to play with; it’s gonna be a mad romp of sin and slapstick gags!



Little Hellions is a competitive four player arena battler with a twist ~ players can’t attack. Instead players can “hex” one another, that is, trade places instantly. With enough spatial awareness and sharp timing, players can evade deadly traps while swapping opponents to their doom. The last one alive is the victor!


Schadenfreude ~ pleasure derived from another’s misfortune. That’s basically what video games are right? We undergo great pain for your pleasure; making honest, silly things to satisfy desires both wholesome and … otherwise. That’s us, Schadenfreude.


Little Hellions will initially launch on Nintendo Switch, with ports to other platforms occurring afterward.




Schadenfreude logo and Six-66 console


Jace Boechler
Game developer-ish person, illustrator