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THROW AWAY YOUR FRIENDS in this passive aggressive fighter where you can’t fight!

The Underworld’s veil of darkness can only pierced by one thing, TORMENT. Throw down across town, play chicken with a train, drop anvils in Stabbyland, ride a Bomb-Pig; anything to hit your Torment Quota and take back the night. Then do it all again tomorrow BAYBEE!


Little Hellions is a four player platform fighter where you can’t attack directly. Use your trusty Trick Hook to grab opponents and swap your location with theirs. With all the Underworld’s infernal traps at your disposal, surely you can devise an inconvenient moment or two.


Schadenfreude, pleasure felt at another’s misfortune. That’s basically video games right? I make those!

Little Hellions is a solo labor of love nearly 8 years in the making, and Schadenfreude was created to get it out there. Hope you like it but you do you, k honey?


Little Hellions is currently available on Steam Early Access . It will come to consoles when the game hits 1.0.



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Lucy character art
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The Big Split
Speed Demons
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Deny Death
Welcome to DIEMART
The Pit
Dive into danger
For both goblins and sickos
Friendship Hurts!


Little Hellions logo
Schadenfreude logo and Six-66 console

Oink! ~ ❤