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GRAB. SWAP. KILL. Dominate the Underworld with lighting fast plays in this passive aggressive fighter for goblins & sickos! Master your slingshot-like Trick Hook to make devious reversals; swapping yourself with opponents and flinging them into punishment meant for you. Herds of bomb pigs, sadistic theme park rides, public transportation. The Underworld is your punchline, infernal deathtraps included.


Be a mischievous little dude. Attack indirectly by trading locations with opponents at inconvenient moments in chaotic 4 player battles including free-for-all and teams.

Scream around town. Utilize environmental deathtraps within 24 locations across the Underworld’s 4 major districts.

Parry anything. Cancel swaps, deflect traps, parry Death!

Run with scissors. Expand your arsenal with advanced moves only accessible with items in hand.

Wholesome sadistic degeneracy. Destroy the living to revive and get back in the action. Enjoy intense matches up till the last second, even if you’re new.

Collect VHS tapes. Hangout in the DIEMART and learn about the Underworld at Dumpster Fire Video. Or don’t, I’m not your mom.


Schadenfreude, pleasure felt at another’s misfortune. That’s basically video games right?

Little Hellions is a solo labor of love nearly 8 years in the making, and Schadenfreude was created to get it out there. Hope you like it but you do you, k honey?


Little Hellions is currently available in Steam Early Access. The game will come to consoles upon it’s full release.



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Lucy character art
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The Big Split
Speed Demons
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Deny Death
Welcome to DIEMART
The Pit
Dive into danger
For both goblins and sickos
Friendship Hurts!


Little Hellions logo
Schadenfreude logo and Six-66 console

Oink! ~ ❤