11.02.2021 / Professor Onion's Lab

to the lab


Hey! Welcome to my lab! I’m Professor Onion, one of the Underworld’s leading torment scientists. I use they/them pronouns. My lab assistant, Bomb Pig, and myself will be your guides to all things Schadenfreude as we continue our research on the mysterious Game Machine.Professor Onion and Bomb Pig

I’ve been hard at work for the past 7 years (!) trying to bring the Underworld to life in your curious realm via a video game for video game machines called Little Hellions. Frankly, I’m kinda done with it 😅. That’s why I’ve made it my business to start streaming my work every Monday and Friday (4:00 – 8:00 MST) until the game is finished, so I can finally move on to the next thing. I hope you’ll join Bomb Pig and I on this adventure of torment scientific self discovery!

For post stream watchers out there, VODs will be archived on Schadenfreude’s YouYube channel.